The model CZ-30 of the CZ series highest peak appears, boasting the power of instant maximum winding force 120 kg!

In favor of the power motor with maximum hoisting speed of 120 m/min. and instantaneous maximum hoisting force of 120 kg, you can afford to carry out a bargain and response to a big game. Moreover, in addition to automatically controlling hoisting force and speed by computer in response to fish pulls, we also installed a new fishing power control mechanism that realizes long life of the motor without wastefully passing electric current. Furthermore, the new drag liner using the clutch board lining which can finely control a bargain and response to a big game, and the click type sound brake system which confirms by the click sound even with a big game has also greatly improved the durability. Switches with click feeling and power handles are also equipped as standard.

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Target fish (Target fishing)

●Blue fin tuna fishing at the Tsugaru Strait/Tsushima Strait
●Blue fin tuna fishing at the Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yachigase
●Blue fin tuna fishing/yellow fin tuna fishing at the Okinawa Prefecture, Kume-jima/Ishigaki-jima
●Kan-nagi (matured seven band grouper) fishing at Yonagunijima Island
●Trawling fishing in the Tohoku region
●Extra big migratory fishing/deep sea fishing

Part numberCZ-30
Power supplyDC-24V
JAN (Japan Article Number) code (last 5 digits)04214
Line winding volume
NEW Deep sensorPE Line #15-1,600m
PE Line #20-1,200m
PE Line #30-900m
Drag tolerance40Kg-110kg
Instant maximum hoisting force120kg
Sustained winding up force65kg
Maximum hoisting speed/when without load120M/min.
Manual winding gear ratio1:3.18
Power consumption0.8-12A
Operating temperature-10℃-80℃
Backlash prevention methodSound brake
Ball bearing10 pieces
Reel self-weight6.3kg
Electronic controlNew hoisting force control
Stop at the bulwarks、Depth memory
Slow start・Slow stop
Stemless speed change(Pause/Minimum speed-Maximum speed)
Safety mechanism+/- Reverse connection prevention、Overload stop control
Battery voltage drop detection、Over-voltage detection
AccessoriesPower cord、Cord for series connection
Reel size (W×H×D mm)290×150×220mm
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