As a higher model of CZ-9, the CZ-10 SP with various functions is newly introduced.

Miya Epoch "Command Z-9" which is a synonym of a big electric reel. ”Command Z-10 SP (Special)” is newly released as its high-end model. If we place the previously released "Command Z-10 HP" as a power type, this is positioned as an action type with various functions. The point of notice is "automatic delivery" function which can send out the thread only by the switch operation without operating the control lever. It is effective for attracting targets by raising and lowering of the tackle, crawling of the tackle, and delivering the line with aiming for catch-up and feed. It can be used to throw the terminal tackle, depending on the situation. Furthermore, "auto shakuri (sink-and-draw) function" which linked "shakuri function" and "depth memory" in "automatic sending" is also installed. The length, pause time and number of times of the sink-and-draw can be set, and shakuri (sink-and-draw) action can be repeated by automatic control at your choice. In addition to the attraction at the middle level, it also demonstrates its power in appealing on the surface such as trolling. Of course, same as in CZ-10 HP, in addition to adopting a new type of power motor, it is equipped with "fishing force control (Patented)" which automatically controls the bargain and response with the fish and reduces the burden on the motor, and many convenient functions corresponding to deep sea fishing/big fishing. The premium titanium painting that gives full of sense of quality to the body.Miya Epoch's original "24V specification" that demonstrates the powerfulness is also available in the lineup.

Part numberCZ-10SP
Power supplyDC-12VDC-24V
JAN (Japan Article Number) code (last 5 digits)0443604443
Line winding volume
NEW Deep sensorPE LINE #10-1,600m
PE LINE #12-1,400m
PE LINE #15-900m
PE LINE #20-800m
PE LINE #30-500m
Drag tolerance40Kg-110kg
Instant maximum hoisting force110kg115kg
Sustained winding up force50kg60kg
Maximum hoisting speed/when without load90M/min.
Ball bearing10 pieces
Reel self-weight5.3kg
Electronic controlNew hoisting force control
Depth memory
Manufacturer's list price of the bodyContact us for pricingContact us for pricing

*The main body is premium titanium color painting drifting elegance.
* The price indicates the manufacturer's list price only but does not include consumption tax.
* This specification may be changed for improvement without notice.

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