Fishing line spool amount is increased! PE Line #6: 700m. Amazingly high power with instant maximum winding force of 55kg!

With the fishing force control function, the reel senses the strength and weakness of line tension due to fish’s bites and ship's sway, winding can be controlled in best conditions. You can set the step pull interval/pause time (but not possible to set up-down shakuri (sink-and-draw motion function). As we adopt the multi-plate type drag system, smoother sliding becomes possible. body is small, but with the installation of a large motor, high power of 55 kg of maximum instantaneous winding force is realized. Since the control lever was set on the left side of the main unit, it is possible to adjust the drag even at the time of winding with the hand steering wheel.
※ Note: AT-3S does not have the depth memory function.

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Target fish (Target fishing)

●Bluish-skinned fish fishing such as Buri (yellow tail)/Hiramasa (yellow tail amber jack) etc.
●Light Oyogasetsuri (bait-fishing) of such as Kanpachi (greater amber jack)
●Light deep sea fishing (Kimmedai (red bream)/Ara (saw-edged perch)
●Deep sea fishing such as Onikasago (scorpion fish)/Okoze (stone fish)
●Okimebaru (sebastes thompsoniare)/Tara (codfish) fishing in Japan Sea Side

Power SourceDC-12V
Product Code 02531
Line CapacityWhen use NEW DEEP SENSOR(PE)PE LINE #4-900m
PE LINE #5-800m
PE LINE #6-700m
PE LINE #8-550m
PE LINE #10-450m
PE LINE #12-350m
maximum number of weights for a sinker#300
Drag Capacity20kg-40kg
MAX.Drag Winding Power55kg
Sustained winding up force16kg
MAX.Drag Winding Speed (No load)10-150M/min.
Manual winding gear ratio1:1.92
Power consumption1.4-20A
Operating temperature-10℃-80℃
Ball bearing10 pieces
FunctionsHoisting force control ON-OFF change switching
Danbiki-shakuri (Sink-and-draw motion for gradual bites)、Stop at the bulwarks
Slow start・Slow stop
Stemless speed change(Pause・Extremely low speed~Maximum speed)
Safety mechanism+/- Reverse connection prevention、Overload stop control
AccessoriesHandle、Power cord
Reel size (W×H×D mm)215×150×120mm
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* This specification may be changed for improvement without notice.

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