Premium titanium painted, the strongest artisan who can produce various attractions.

Three functions to produce various attractions.
○Super slow winding up
○Automatic shakuri (sink-and-draw motion)
○Chum winding up
Automatic clutch system that can turn on/off clutch with one switch operation. Multi plate type drag system which can finely adjust the drag. Input method for easy and simple thread winding-up. The premium titanium painting that gives full of sense of quality. Large capacity spool adopted for LT deep sea fishing.

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Power SourceDC-12V
Product Code02579
Line CapacityWhen use NEW DEEP SENSOR(PE)PE LINE #4-900m
PE LINE #5-800m
PE LINE #6-700m
PE LINE #8-550m
PE LINE #10-450m
PE LINE #12-350m
Drag Capacity20.0kg-40.0kg
MAX.Drag Winding Power55kg
MAX.Drag Winding Speed (No load)150M/min.
Ball bearing10 pieces
FunctionsHoisting force control
Depth memory
Automatic shakuri (sink-and-draw motion)
Chum winding up
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* This specification may be changed for improvement without notice.

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